Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grammatical Trans Fat

Now we're "transitioning" from one thing to another. I suppose the idea is to economize from the phrase, "make a transition," to the word, "transition." Well, "transition" should not be used as a verb. What, I'm making life more difficult for you? Not! Indeed, use "transit" instead. "I transited away from using nouns as verbs." Once again I kept it even simpler!

Shorter Cut

Let's get it straight right from the start, I'm not a texter. I have noticed, though, the abbreviation "lol." I keep thinking it means "lots of love." I am repeatedly told that it stands for "laughing out loud." Ok, then I have an abbreviation for the above abbreviation. You see, one shouldn't say "out loud." "Aloud" is preferred. Hence we have "laughing aloud" with an abbreviation of "la." Now isn't that nice?!